About BOTB

Babes Off the Bench is a female-forward sports blog that celebrates all types of athletes with equality, fairness, and a little bit of sass. This isn’t going to be your breaking news source. We know you didn’t come here for that. Rather, it’s a commentary on the women’s sports world. We want to amplify women’s voices and celebrate everything that women have contributed to the sports world, whether it be as athletes, analysts, reporters, or fans. There are so many extraordinary women athletes worth celebrating and talking about, and there are at least dozens (if not hundreds?) of women sports fans that just want to talk about their favorite sports teams without the assumption that they don’t know what they’re talking about unless you name three players on your favorite team. Get outta here with that.

As you explore the site, keep in mind that we’d love to keep this a positive space, so while we urge you to comment and take part in discussion, keep it friendly. Not trying to be difficult, just born this way.