For These Women, It’s More Than A Gym

Sustaining a career in the sports industry as a woman comes with many of its own challenges. These challenges also extend to the fitness industry, but Amy Pike and Astrid Castaneda are two women who are making an impact. Together they have opened their gym Bridge Performance in Pasadena, California with a unique and specialized approach to training. They specialize in functional fitness while also … Continue reading For These Women, It’s More Than A Gym

2017 World Series Drinking Game

Happy World Series, Babes! Sorry for being MIA this past week. Been traveling, but ready for the final few games of the year. It should make for a hell of a series. If you’re looking for a little extra fun over the next seven* games, here is your BOTB 2017 World Series Drinking Game. (*if necessary) Drink when: You hear an MVP chant Someone robs … Continue reading 2017 World Series Drinking Game

Babe(s) of the Week: Oct 13

Our first Babe of the Week is a special one. You can find them robbing fans of line drives on the baselines at Dodger Stadium. Amy Moore and Christina Zambrana, both former college softball players and current ballgirls for the Los Angeles Dodgers, are flat out studs. (Confession: I once got a little tipsy at a Dodgers game and very obnoxiously cheered on the ballgirls … Continue reading Babe(s) of the Week: Oct 13