Baseball on Facebook: Good? Bad?

“Basebook”. Is that anything? During opening week, the Mets-Phillies game was streamed live exclusively on Facebook. It’s the first time a U.S. league has done this and it made everyone over the age of thirty scratch their heads. They’re doing this for up to 25 games this season, including today’s Brewers-Cardinals game. All of the Facebook Watch games will be afternoon games, so that those … Continue reading Baseball on Facebook: Good? Bad?

Week One Almost Done

It’s been less than a week and already the 2018 season has been WILD. Last night alone, 136 runs were scored throughout the league. 136! There have been multiple inside-the-park homers, players with multi-HR games, unwritten rules, and 15-inning games. As much as I hate giving into the “phenom” thing, Shohei Ohtani has been pretty fun to watch. I’ve always loved a good cold shoulder … Continue reading Week One Almost Done

Baseball is a slow game

Every year Major League Baseball makes moves to try to speed up the the game. A lot of times it’s successful and even more often it’s ignored and then is only a distant memory. This season will be no different. The Commish’s office and the Players Association worked together to come up with new initiatives to keep ratings up and Rob Manfred happy. Here’s a … Continue reading Baseball is a slow game

The Ultimate Sunday Funday is Here!

Growing up a football fan, The Super Bowl was always something I looked forward to, even if my team wasn’t playing. It meant parties, often with people I hadn’t seen in a while. It meant games, whether it be for drinks, cash, or good ole’ bragging rights. It meant delicious and creative snack food (I love any excuse to turn a cake into an edible football … Continue reading The Ultimate Sunday Funday is Here!

2017 World Series Drinking Game

Happy World Series, Babes! Sorry for being MIA this past week. Been traveling, but ready for the final few games of the year. It should make for a hell of a series. If you’re looking for a little extra fun over the next seven* games, here is your BOTB 2017 World Series Drinking Game. (*if necessary) Drink when: You hear an MVP chant Someone robs … Continue reading 2017 World Series Drinking Game

Babe of the Week: Oct 20

If you’re a Philadelphia sports fan, you know this week’s Babe: Lauren Hart. She’s best known for singing National Anthem at Flyers home games since 1997, following in the footsteps of her father, Gene Hart, “The Voice of the Flyers” for nearly 30 years. It was just after his death that she dedicated her time to continuing his tradition. The Anthemist: an interesting and often … Continue reading Babe of the Week: Oct 20

OPINION: There’s nothing competitive about a coin toss

The NFL overtime rules have long been under scrutiny, undergoing a few major changes in recent years. And while the NFL has certainly taken steps in improving the overtime format, I’m still not on board. In 2012, the NFL adjusted the rules so the team with first possession in overtime could no longer win the game on a field goal. If they kick a 3-pointer, the other team gets a chance to … Continue reading OPINION: There’s nothing competitive about a coin toss

One Sentence Postseason Roundup: 10/6/17

    The reason the Nationals are NL East champs is because they are in a terrible division and are just not a team to be afraid of. Sorry, Bryce. The Yankees are lucky they made it to the postseason a year early. Clayton Kershaw doesn’t have great postseason numbers and probably can’t take the Dodgers all the way to the World Series. The Astros are … Continue reading One Sentence Postseason Roundup: 10/6/17