Brittney Griner appeal denied

Some unfortunate news has developed in Brittney Griner’s appeal to the Russian courts. Griner’s appeal of her 9-year sentence for drug possession has been denied. Griner has been detained in Russia since February and convicted in August. The court in Moscow upheld their sentencing, but Griner’s lawyers argued that the sentencing was far too severe. Typically, similar cases receive a maximum of five years, with … Continue reading Brittney Griner appeal denied

Add Tia Toomey to list of one of the great athletes of all time

Tia Toomey is taking the CrossFit world by storm by absolutely dominating in the Torian Pro Semifinals. Not only did she win, but she also made history. Toomey won six events in a row, commanding the competition floor and her competitors. Once she completed the event, you could see Toomey cheering her competitors, coaching them through some of the toughest moments. She won every event … Continue reading Add Tia Toomey to list of one of the great athletes of all time

WNBA viewership increases, but does its coverage?

Women’s sports have constantly struggled to gain coverage on national television. This is an issue that extends across all women’s sports. The men’s teams are simply seen as “more valuable” on a given platform such as ESPN. Therefore, they are given the appropriate amount of airtime for people to become fans and invest in the team they are watching. A study conducted by USC and … Continue reading WNBA viewership increases, but does its coverage?

USA Fencing cannot hide Alen Hadzic

Over the past week, many articles came out about Team USA fencer Alen Hadzic. If you haven’t heard yet, here’s the long and short of it. It’s really quite simple: Alen Hadzic has a well-known reputation leading back to his days at Columbia University as a known sexual predator. So much so that he was forced to fly to Tokyo separately from other athletes and … Continue reading USA Fencing cannot hide Alen Hadzic

Robin Arzon’s return to Peloton

I didn’t relinquish being an athlete when I became pregnant. – Robin Arzon There’s nothing I love more than a woman doing whatever the hell she wants, and Peloton’s head instructor Robin Arzon is a superhero. We at Babes (lol jk it’s literally just me) are psyched to see Robin Arzon back on the Peloton live schedule next Tuesday, July 12. Earlier this year, Robin … Continue reading Robin Arzon’s return to Peloton

Babe of the Week: Nov 6

Happy Monday, Babes! The New York City Marathon was yesterday. Congratulations to everyone who ran. You accomplish something that I could truly never imagine and cannot find the wherewithal to even think about training for, mostly because I went for a run this morning and stopped after 3 minutes. And I have an overactive bladder so there’s that. We want to dedicate this week’s BOTW … Continue reading Babe of the Week: Nov 6