Add Tia Toomey to list of one of the great athletes of all time

Tia Toomey is taking the CrossFit world by storm by absolutely dominating in the Torian Pro Semifinals. Not only did she win, but she also made history. Toomey won six events in a row, commanding the competition floor and her competitors. Once she completed the event, you could see Toomey cheering her competitors, coaching them through some of the toughest moments. She won every event in the two days of the competition. Toomey is the only athlete to ever do this.

She is a strong and intense competitor, and it does not matter that she is a woman.

Photo Credit: Working Against Gravity

Toomey earned her 2022 CrossFit Games spot, winning 600 points at the Torian Pro. She beat her competition in an event by thirty seconds in a workout that only lasted four minutes. She completed a workout called “Don’t Stop Me Now” in only two rounds, making her the only male or female athlete to do so. Toomey also crushed the “Strongman Diane” which contains strict deficit handstand pushups with odd object carries, beating her competitors by more than ninety seconds in the workout meant to last five minutes.

This summer, Toomey will be competing for her sixth Crossfit Games title. If she wins, she will surpass the men athletes in title wins, such as Matt Fraser and Rich Froning, who are debatably the best and most well renowned CrossFit athletes to date. Toomey is surely making her way to earn the title of greatest CrossFit athlete of all time and is making it more difficult for anyone else to reach her level. The only athlete even close to catching her is Justin Mederios.

Tia Toomey & Justin Mederios // Photo credit: Athlete’s Eye

Toomey has been dominating the CrossFit world since 2016. Since then, she has built herself up to be one of the greatest CrossFit athletes. Her work ethic and mindset are something not often found, but the best part of this is that anyone who knows the name Tia Toomey respects her as an athlete. She is a strong and intense competitor, and it does not matter that she is a woman. This is one of the best aspects of the CrossFit, men and women alike, acknowledging and respecting the strength of an individual no matter their sex or gender.

As long as Toomey continues to participate in the CrossFit community, she will undoubtedly keep getting stronger, break barriers, and set fitness standards all athletes will strive to achieve.

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