Babe of the Week: Nov 6

Happy Monday, Babes!


The New York City Marathon was yesterday. Congratulations to everyone who ran. You accomplish something that I could truly never imagine and cannot find the wherewithal to even think about training for, mostly because I went for a run this morning and stopped after 3 minutes. And I have an overactive bladder so there’s that.

We want to dedicate this week’s BOTW to the women’s finisher – Shalene Flanagan who is the first American woman to win the NYC Marathon since 1977.

A Massachusetts native, Flanagan is a 4-time Olympian, long-distance runner, marathon dominator and overall amazing athlete. She ran in her first NYC Marathon in 2010 and came in second. Second! BY seconds! She’s said that with a first place win in this year’s marathon, she’d likely retire.

Congratulations, Shalene!!


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