2017 World Series Drinking Game

Happy World Series, Babes! Sorry for being MIA this past week. Been traveling, but ready for the final few games of the year. It should make for a hell of a series. If you’re looking for a little extra fun over the next seven* games, here is your BOTB 2017 World Series Drinking Game.

(*if necessary)

Drink when:

  • You hear an MVP chant
  • Someone robs a home run
  • You see Yasiel Puig’s tongue
  • They cut to Kate Upton
  • They cut to a celebrity in the seats at either stadium
  • The camera lingers on Jose Altuve when he’s not at bat or making a play
  • Charlie Morton pats his hand on his gum
  • Any reference to or sighting of Tommy Lasorda
  • You hear ‘1988’
  • Whenever Fox looks back to Justin Turner’s walk off home run in Game 2 of the NLDS
  • You see a city skyline shot
  • A player throws his equipment
  • The announcers talk about Rich Hill’s “long road to the MLB”
  • Any use of StatCast
  • Every time the announcers talk about how close the Astros acquired Verlander to the trade deadline

Bonus Pre/Post Game Edition:

  • Whenever ARod shows off his World Series ring
  • ARod tries to put Yankees apparel on David Ortiz
  • The rest of the team pokes fun at David Ortiz
  • More than half of them are holding bats

Have fun!

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