Babes Movie Club: LFG

Have you watched LFG on HBO Max yet? If not, where you at? Last night, I snuggled up on my couch with a bowl of popcorn and my male dog (he’s a feminist) to watch this documentary. Not even 15 minutes in, and I got shampoo in my eye! How did that happen?! I have no idea.

Fine I’ll admit it – I cried. How could you not cry?! Even if you’re not a soccer player, if you’re a woman, you can relate to this fight to some extent. It’s all about the US Women’s National Team’s lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation demanding equal pay. The documentary takes you through the team’s World Cup victory in 2019, the lawsuit, Megan Rapinoe being so insanely cool, and their 2+ year battle to simply be paid what they’re worth.

The USWNT have been fighting this battle for decades. Women have been fighting this battle for decades. This movie isn’t just for women or sports fans or feminists, it’s for everyone. I’ll say it again – every. one. Go ask your friend for their HBO login and watch, learn, and cry. I’d lend you my password but I use a friends account because I am an adult.

Here’s the trailer to wet your whistle and keep you on my blog for a few minutes longer. Mwahaha.

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