Babe of the Week: Maria Marino

The Babes love nothing more than a fellow Babe (and fellow New Jerseyan, sorry not sorry) who has worked hard to pave a way for herself in a male-dominated industry. We all know this shit is not easy, especially when the media only spends roughly 5% of their coverage on women’s sports. But that’s why we’re happy to have Maria Marino getting out there and making sure women have a place in sports journalism.

I learned about Maria Marino through this great interview she did recently with Maria worked her way up the ladder of sports journalism and, like us, is a champion for women’s sports coverage. In her profile with, she said:

I’m just trying anything I can to educate, to promote and to share women’s sports stories and (raise) the level of respect, and have that be equal to that of men’s sports.


She’s taken her opportunities at SNY to promote women athletes, like the WNBA and hopes to cover UConn women’s basketball in 2022. Just last month she debuted her monthly SportsNite series focusing on women in sports called “She Got Game”. Her first interview was Sue Bird sooooo safe to say she’s crushing it.

We are all for her dedication to elevating women’s voices, and are excited to watch what she does in the future! Maria, if you ever want to come work for the Babes, you’re welcome – although I think you’re doing great where you are. Don’t forget us when you’re famous. xo

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