Dawn Staley calls out ESPN

South Carolina head coach, Dawn Staley, is calling out ESPN as the ESPY awards are approaching tonight. Why is she calling them out? Well, for a good reason.

ESPN has decided to not invite certain athletes to the event. Aliyah Boston has been nominated for Best College Athlete but was not originally invited. One would think that if someone is nominated as BEST College Athlete the minimum would be an invite to the event where they give this award. What’s even more troubling is the fact Paige Bueckers was invited the previous year for the same nomination. Bueckers even discussed the disparities Black women face in her acceptance speech.

Social media caught wind of the exclusion and ESPN quickly sent a last minute invite to Boston, which she respectfully declined. She posted a personal statement on Twitter:

via Twitter

The best NSWL player, Caprice Dydasco, also has not been invited along with her fellow NSWL nominees. The NJ/NY Gotham sent out a tweet asking ESPN to invite the athletes.

via Twitter

The ESPYs are scheduled to premiere on July 20th. Hopefully, ESPN will realize the disparities they have in their invites and make the correction to ensure all athletes who are nominated are invited.

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