US Soccer Prize Money Splits

Women must be paid what they deserve and have earned

Here are some numbers that may make a United States Women’s National Team fan upset.

The men’s team recently made it to the round of 16 in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The men making it this far allotted them 13 million dollars. As you may recall, the women won the 2019 Women’s World Cup, and you’d think the prize money would be more significant than what the men got for not even making it to the quarter-finals, right? Wrong! The women took home only 4 million for winning the 2019 World Cup and only 2 million in 2015 for also winning that World Cup. 

The good news is, with new labor agreements, US Soccer is guaranteed to split the prize money equally between the women’s and men’s teams. As a result, players will receive equal pay for competing in international matches and competitions, which has been one of the most controversial issues facing the teams and the federation. The women’s team benefits from the men winning and vice versa, but what still isn’t okay is the fact the men receive much higher pay for not being nearly as successful as the women’s team. 

“The women have done their work — four World Cups, four Olympic gold medals — to bring high visibility, and I mean high visibility, to the sport of soccer in this country, which needed it for a long time. Now the men, once again, it’s their turn, and they’re showing incredibly well.”

Briana Scurry, former USWNT goalkeeper

Many argue that there isn’t enough money or viewership in women’s soccer… this simply isn’t true. For example, the US men’s team set a record for MEN’S soccer by hitting 15 million views, but the US women’s team had 23 million views in 2015. Also, in 2019, the US Women’s home kit became the highest-selling soccer jersey for Nike. 

The women are bringing in the viewership and money, so it’s about time these athletes are paid the same as their male counterparts. The US Soccer Federation needs to acknowledge its blatant sexism in giving more prize money to the men, which would be $42 million for winning the World Cup. I mean, come on… 42 million compared to 4 million. This needs to end, and women must be paid what they deserve and have earned.  

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