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Ah, Cam Newton. I want to thank you. For a while I’ve wanted to start a sports blog. More recently I’ve wanted it to be for women only. Today, Cam Newton gave me the kick in the ass I needed to finally get this thing going.

When I woke up this morning and saw Cam Newton’s response to being asked a question by a female journalist, a fire that hasn’t roared its ugly head in a while came back. A fire that I have been fighting for almost 30 years.

I love baseball. I love all sports, but mostly baseball. I grew up watching it. I follow it religiously. I spend more of my day watching MLB Network than most other channels. I talk about it constantly. I experience slight depression from November until March. But this all doesn’t come without struggle.

What I, and I’m sure many other women who share my passion, have struggled with the most is the common reactions we always get that make us want to rip someone’s throat out:

“You’re a big sports fan, huh? Like a REAL fan or you just think the players are hot?” Yes, you nailed it. My burning loins turn to sports because otherwise I could hardly contain myself.

Or you get the guy who will kinda laugh condescendingly and think it’s adorable that you like sports. Sigh.

Or it’s the person who thinks they’re sticking up for you against one of these other people by saying “she ACTUALLY knows what she’s talking about.” Yes, I actually do. Let’s get rid of the actually, shall we? You’re basically saying, “She knows a lot about sports…. for a girl.”

Or you get the guy who doesn’t believe you until you somehow prove yourself with some random fact or statistic that only the pool of “true sports fans” know is correct. Before that, you’re just a dumb, self-proclaimed sports chick. “Where is your proof?! Tell me who should’ve started the 1913 World Series Game 2 but he got a head cold and ended up just coming in for an 8th inning pinch hit appearance?!?! All REAL baseball fans know that!”

But it’s funny that whenever I’m around a group of dudes who are talking about sports, they never seem to ask for that proof from another guy. Once a guy says, “I’m a die hard Yanks fan.” Everyone’s just like, “Cool! Jeter amiright?!” But once I say “I love baseball!” I mostly get this reaction:


People get a kick out of hearing that I am the commissioner of a pretty long running Fantasy Baseball league every year (where I am the only girl). They sound very surprised, like “how do you, with your female brain, comprehend all of that male knowledge? It’s incredible!”

I’ve also noticed that, especially when I’m with my fella, every time sports comes up in conversation, someone will direct any sports-related questions right to the men. It is clearly not a conversation they want to have with me. People tend to assume all men like sports, but never women. What’s a girl gotta do just to be asked what I think of Gary Sanchez?

I am in no way trying to make a generalization here. I have many male friends who treat me with respect in regards to sports talk and don’t condescend. I’m simply writing what I’ve experienced. Just the other day my dad called to talk World Series predictions. A male friend recommended me to write for a sports blog and called me a sports junkie. Friends will randomly text me when something crazy exciting or scandalous happens in a game. All of those things make me smile which is a weird thing to get excited about. I don’t expect or crave acceptance from anyone. I’m going to live my life however I please and continue arguing that the one-game wildcard playoff is ridiculous.

So ladies who love sports, lend me your ears. Shout your love for sports loud and proud. Visit this website often and comment! Don’t let the guy who shows up to a Knicks game decked out in Knicks gear & talks shit but occupies himself on Instagram the entire game slow you down. Be opinionated. Get in sports related arguments (preferably on this website) because that’s a part of being a sports fan. It invokes conversation. Wear your favorite player’s jersey not because he’s hot or popular but because he’s a really consistent player and you love how he presents himself on the field or court.

Do your thing. Don’t let anyone else’s expectations stop you from speaking your mind.


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