One Sentence Postseason Roundup: 10/6/17



The reason the Nationals are NL East champs is because they are in a terrible division and are just not a team to be afraid of. Sorry, Bryce.


The Yankees are lucky they made it to the postseason a year early.

Clayton Kershaw doesn’t have great postseason numbers and probably can’t take the Dodgers all the way to the World Series.

download-1.jpgThe Astros are fired up and continuing the dominance that they showed off in the regular season.

The Indians comfortably got back into the postseason swing and Lindor will certainly not be slowing down anytime soon.

Arizona has a huge mountain to climb in the Dodgers but if their offense can dominate LA pitching, they can definitely surprise us.


Red Sox pitching needs to figure out Altuve and the Astros or else they don’t stand a shot.

Sure, the Cubs are shining now and no doubt they’re a great team, but wait until they get to the NLCS. They lost their 2016 luster. They only got 5 hits last night.


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