Week One Almost Done

It’s been less than a week and already the 2018 season has been WILD. Last night alone, 136 runs were scored throughout the league. 136! There have been multiple inside-the-park homers, players with multi-HR games, unwritten rules, and 15-inning games.


As much as I hate giving into the “phenom” thing, Shohei Ohtani has been pretty fun to watch. I’ve always loved a good cold shoulder after a rookie’s first MLB homer. You gotta love watching someone else get a bucket of ice cold water poured over their head. The bitter old soul in me doesn’t want to give into this kid’s hype, especially since he was precious enough to admit he wanted to only play on a West Coast team (cue my eye roll). But dammit if I’m already sucked in. Sidebar: how awesome do you think an MLB translator’s life must be?

Another eye roll goes out to Brian Dozier. I know I’m a little late to this one but I’ve spent an irrational amount of time thinking about the bunt heard around the world from last Sunday’s Twins-Orioles game. First of all, “unwritten rules of baseball”? That’s such a man thing. You know what else is an unwritten rule? Not taking the last donut in the office but SOMEONE’S GOTTA DO IT. Baseball has to be fun, it has to be entertaining, and you have to do anything to win. The Orioles weren’t going to go into that inning saying oh man we’re losing might as well give up. NO! Am I getting too motivational? Sorry, was just browsing Dwayne Johnson’s instagram.

A tip of the cap goes to Didi Gregorius. Four years ago when Derek Jeter retired, Yankee fans were chanting “De-rek Je-ter” during Gregorius’s first game at shortstop because they are ruthless and passionate about the Captain. Gregorius turned that to “Di-Di” quicker than a lot of people suspected. Gregorius was hero in last night’s win over the Rays and as our beloved John Sterling would say, “Gregorius makes yankee fans euphorius!” Or something.

You know who doesn’t make Yanks fans euphorius? Giancarlo Stanton, who struck out 5 times last night and heard boos in his Yankee Stadium debut. Maybe he should call A-Rod for some advice.

Here’s to another day packed with baseball.


2 thoughts on “Week One Almost Done

  1. I’m interested to see how Ohtani does during the course of the season. I don’t know how long the whole double-duty thing will last. (I’m sensing some sort of injury in his future.)

    ALSO I missed the Dozier situation; I had no clue he was putting up a fuss. What’s wrong with still playing competitively in the ninth? Was he just expecting the O’s to lay down and take the loss and not try to play the game? That’s dumb, he’s dumb, and it’s making the Twins look bad.


  2. Yes! Ohtani will be fun to watch, but there is a reason the pitcher-hitter role has been so historically uncommon. It takes a toll on the body. Although he did just homer off Kluber today…

    The Twins were more upset because Berrios had only given up one hit at that point, and Dozier thought it was bad form. Totally agree with you.


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