Justin Turner is missed in LA

It turns out Justin Turner does make a difference in Los Angeles.

Well, of course he does. In the 2017 regular season he led the team in average (.322) and OBP (.415).  He was the World Series Game 1 hero. Poor guy will never get over that defeat. He’s an all around likable guy that’s good for LA.  But if the Dodgers don’t start hitting consistently*, they won’t get over these 5-8 weeks without him in the lineup.

When he broke his wrist, I could just hear the collective gasp over all of Los Angeles, but I didn’t think the reigning National League Champs would be hurting this badly.


Wednesday marked the 3rd time this season the Dodgers have been shutout. Two of those three games only saw one hit from LA. Yasmani Grandal is currently the best hitter on a lineup that includes the NL Rookie of the Year and Corey Seager. Nothing against Grandal, but considering how offensively strong the Dodgers were in 2017, it’s surprising how the loss of Turner can result in a 2-5 record. As much as I wished for Yasiel Puig to undiscover his tongue, dare I suggest he start – gulp – licking his bat again? Maybe someone needs to grow a beard or something? If we’re really going to get technical, Clayton Kershaw actually holds the best batting average on the team as of Wednesday. Baseball is a finicky game.


*Yes I know they’ve scored a lot of runs this season but listen to the point I’m trying to make before coming at me on Twitter or in the comments.


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