Weekend Vibes

A Scherzer-Kershaw matchup kicks off a full weekend of baseball.


The Mets are doing well (thoughts and prayers go out to Yankee fans in this time of gloating), Mookie Betts and the Sox are KILLING (again, #thoughtsandprayers to Yanks fans) and the Marlins and Reds are kinda just going rogue. But don’t worry, the Bronx has Sir Didi.

Maybe this is the weekend that the Dodgers get back on track and revisit the Dodgers team we all knew and expected in 2017. Instead, Los Angeles has been all “clear eyes, full hearts, it’s Sho-time”.  Meanwhile, Albert Pujols is 10 hits away from 3,000.

Now Anthony Rizzo wants a shorter season and I have a lot of opinions on how much the game is getting tweaked but we will revisit that on another post.

Happy weekend. May we all recognize how truly silly it is for marijuana to be considered a schedule 1 drug.


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